Large Limestone Retaining Wall Blocks

Large Limestone Retaining Wall Blocks Baytown Minnesota

Retaining walls have many functions as well as providing a great look to a persons property. Retaining walls can be used to prevent erosion on a persons property and they are an effective solution for sloping because they carve out an area making it usable for gardening, patios, parking pads, and more. They can also keep soil in place are a great decorative extension of a home and can direct rain water away from the hope. 

Large Limestone Retaining Wall Blocks | Buy • Sales • Install • Design • Build • Landscape

Large Limestone Retaining Wall Blocks. 

As an industry veteran handling commercial and residential retaining wall projects for 20+ years, Graniteco leverages engineering expertise to fulfill any retaining wall system need safely. We excel at design, permitting and installation of various wall types using durable, low maintenance materials that reliably retain soil erosion while elevating your property beautifully.

Retaining Wall Types Best Suited Applications
Gravity Walls Short wall height projects with adequate foundation
Piling Walls Unstable soil conditions and taller wall requirements
Gabion Walls Decorative purposes with height flexibility

Our licensed Professional Engineers properly assess site parameters to design optimal retaining wall plans meeting zoning codes and environmental regulations. Graniteco then handles permitting, construction and installation using durable materials like concrete, natural stone, or timber.

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Large Limestone Retaining Wall Blocks

Limestone are often picked because of their elegance and variety of color that they offer. It can be cut and shaped into a desired look and often have a more uniform appearance when placed together

Large Limestone Retaining Wall Blocks | Easy To build

Limestone is an attractive building material, and retaining walls made with limestone blocks usually look great! Customize the exact style of your wall by choosing the size and type of limestone block you want to use (reconstituted or naturally quarried). Limestone Retaining Walls Are Easy To Build

Large Limestone Retaining Wall Blocks | Affordable

Limestone retaining walls protect the structural integrity of your home by minimizing land movement especially around the foundations and boundaries. This is important for homes in Perth and the surrounding regions with loose soil conditions and land level variations.

Options | Large Limestone Retaining Wall Blocks

Limestone is one of the most popular material to use for retaining walls. It is a very hard material so it can be used for long-term retaining wall systems and it also presents a more contemporary and luxurious look.You may not know it, but limestone is formed from the chemical reaction between water and calcium carbonate.

Other Services:


We offer non-structural demolition which includes the breakdown and removal of boulder, limestone, concrete, and masonry walls. We can provide this service to any yard, shoreline, or property in a quickly and timeless manner.

When it comes to demolition, our team is unrivaled. We take extra precautions to fulfill all of our clients’ operational requirements, ensuring that work is completed efficiently and without disrupting everyday operations. All projects are handled with the highest care for the customer’s and our staff’ safety. Our personnel are sensitive to and skilled at performing jobs that require strict dust, noise, and vibration limits.

Housing Demolition

We’re the best in the business! Whether your beautiful shoreline wall has been worn down by waves, weather, the winter or storm water runoff, our skilled team can do the job and make it look brand new. We have lots of experience and expertise in shoreline stabilization, shoreline restoration, and shoreline erosion control.

Through using limestone, fieldstone, concrete, and more we can either restore your shoreline or create a wall to protect it. The best part is these walls can last a lifetime when done properly and add beauty to river, lake, or pond front properties.

Shoreline Wall Boulder

Large Limestone Retaining Wall Blocks Baytown Minnesota

We provide professional design and construction services to create a wide range of retaining walls, retaining wall systems, gabion walls and accent walls to meet structural and decorative needs. We can offer a wide range of choices because, over the years, we have built hundreds of retaining walls in a variety of materials in a variety of landscapes. We can design and do installation to suit your commercial and residential retaining wall construction needs, no matter how big or small. 

Landscape Design With Retaining Wall Project Expertise

Our landscape retaining wall contractors understand the ins and outs of creating a functional and attractive retaining wall, from design and size to proper materials and slope issues. For 35 years, Graniteco’ team of professional landscapers and retaining wall contractors has been bringing beauty to the Twin Cities‘s landscape. By considering existing plants, shrubs and other plant elements, our team of experts will help design and create the perfect retaining wall that closely resembles and enhances existing exterior finishes.

Construction Material & Maintenance

In addition to a wide selection of natural and man-made building materials, we can also offer homeowners a variety of retaining wall options. Walls can be made from a variety of materials, including natural stone, brick, and man-made. We can also edge the stones are your request.

What areas & what products will be need it to build a structure on your property, what height and is it to support a ground, drainage, guide the water flow, close to your patio or is only soil.

Our stone wall work experience in the Baytown, MN area, our customers give us work on large projects and small, our work is high quality and we are proud of the product and services we provide.

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