Who We Are?

Our Mission

Granite Company has been creating beautiful and structurally safe retaining walls for homeowners in the Twin Cities for more than 20 years. Retaining walls made of a range of materials, including limestone, boulders, granite, and more.

We will assist you in building your perfect retaining wall, shoreline restoration, or demolition with the confidence and security of knowing you are dealing with a competent company.

Whether you want to protect your property from erosion, level out sloping terrain, provide privacy, or demolish an old wall and replace it with something better, will help you get there.


  • Licensed and Insured
  • Professional Crew and Equipment
  • 20+ Years of Experience

Our Core Values

We make sure to provide the best possible service to all our customers and always work to go above and beyond. That’s why we ensure all our walls are built to last and to look great.

For long-term outcomes, the most crucial feature of a retaining wall is to ensure adequate grading and structural reinforcements. We strive to make sure all our walls whether retaining or shoreline are up to code and can withstand any weather conditions such as rain, snow, and flooding.